Long Island emo/hardcore band Stand Still continues to rise up in the world and released their second EP, In A Moment's Notice, this year on DAZE/Triple B (get it on limited splatter vinyl), while also staying very active in the live realm. With the year coming to a close, we asked Stand Still what their favorite albums of 2022 were, and each of the five members made lists, with commentary on each pick. Their choices range from Kendrick Lamar to Soul Blind to No Pressure to Life's Question to Anxious to Alex G to Age of Apocalypse to Gridiron to Combust to The Smile to Big Thief, and beyond. There's some overlap between the five lists, but they're all different and all worth a read. Check out what Stand Still had to say, below.

Stand Still have more shows coming up this month and next year, including opening for Terror in Connecticut on 12/16, opening Incendiary's 10th anniversary show at Brooklyn's Elsewhere on 1/14, opening Vein.fm's NYC one-off at Market Hotel on 3/25 alongside Sunami and others, and LDB Fest.

Gerry Windus - Vocals:

The Smile - A Light For Attracting Attention
I’m a huge Radiohead fan and have been since I was a teenager, so I was super excited when I found out about this record. To me, it feels like a lot of what they were doing on In Rainbows infused with more jazz, funk, and prog rock. It definitely scratched the itch for me.

Daphni - Cherry
I found out about Daphni and this record through Four Tet’s Spotify playlist, but at the time I wasn’t aware that Daphni was just another one of Dan Snaith’s (Caribou) aliases. I’ve been listening to the singles from this record for a while now, it’s great if you’re into chill house beats and analog jams.

Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You
I was late to the party with this record but had the chance to enjoy it while driving through the rocky mountains this past May and fell in love. I was really into indie folk in the vein of Hovvdy & Alex G in my college years and this record brought me back a bit.

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers
I’m sure this will end up on a lot of EOTY lists. I’ve been a fan for a long time so I was super anxious to hear this record when it dropped and it exceeded all my expectations.

μ-Ziq - Magic Pony Ride
If you’re into IDM you likely already heard this, but if not definitely check it out. μ-Ziq is a pioneer in the genre and this is just another one of his breakbeat masterclasses.

Andre Valerio - Drums:

Bladee - Spiderr
Probably his most accessible and catchiest album to date. Big fan of the production on these songs and how fun it is to listen to.

Fleshwater - We’re Not Here to Be Loved
I’ve been wanting to hear a full length from them since I’ve been replaying the demo constantly for the last couple of years. Love the guitar tones and how good the drums sound.

Soul Blind - Feel It All Around
This album just rocks from front to back.

No Pressure - No Pressure
Big summer album for me. Love how fast some of these songs are and how they remind me of the bands I grew up listening to.

Alex G - God Save The Animals
I loved what I heard from the singles and the album did not disappoint. Would love to see him live again performing some of these new songs.

Bryan Natole - Guitar:

Life’s Question - World Full Of…
This record packs such a punch and has so many different elements, including ripping guitar solos, hard-hitting intelligent breakdowns, and absolutely ZERO filler songs. Life's Question has been on my radar since they released Cursed the Will to Dream back in 2018. For me, this is the best hardcore record of the year and the songs are some of the most well-written hardcore tracks I have heard in a long time. All the hype is super well deserved for such a hardworking and talented band. I have no favorite tracks because this record rips front to back.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Unlimited Love
RHCP was the first rock band I really got into when I was a young kid and they led the way for me to discover other alternative music. John Frusciante’s return to the band brought a ton of expectations for this album, and they more than delivered on the hype. Unlimited Love continues to prove that the Chili Peppers don't fit into any single genre or category and their creativity and style are unmatched by any other band.

Anxious - Little Green House
This record blew me away the first time I heard it. The thing that really caught my attention at first was the Foo Fighters vibes I got on the track "Let Me." After listening to the record all the way through I found myself addicted to the pure energy you feel throughout. That energy coupled with catchy hooks and riffs made the perfect recipe for a great melodic hardcore record. Successfully mixing hardcore with other genres without losing the integrity of your music is no easy feat, and Anxious knocked it out of the park on this one.

Soul Blind - Feel It All Around
Even though this record just came out, it's shaping up to be one of my favorites of the year and has been on heavy rotation since it dropped. I love how Soul Blind is able to pull off being simultaneously heavy as fuck and super listener friendly. I love everything about how this record was recorded and captured. It's rare for bands to capture their live performance within an album, but Soul Blind completely blows that out of the water. I love everything from the droning catchy vocals to the guitar feedback and creative riffs, to the bone-crushing bass tone.

Age of Apocalypse - Grim Wisdom
I've never been a huge metal fan, but this record made a believer out of me. Extremely well-written front to back, this record encapsulates the best parts of hardcore, metal, and just straight-up rock and roll. One of the things I love about AOA is the fact that they do not sound like any other band in particular. Listening to these songs will give you a mysterious sense of familiarity while also being a complete breath of fresh air. The guitar work on this record is absolutely insane and the vocals are just as potent. What really sets AOA apart from the pack, is how in sync their live performance is with their recordings. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this record was a collection of live recordings from shows because that's how well their live performances stack up to this album.

Mat Rienecker - Bass:

Age of Apocalypse - Grim Wisdom
This is probably my favorite record of 2022. AOA is just a great band that consistently breaks away from the status quo. Between the harmonies, riffs, and Joe’s grabber tone I’m constantly psyched when this record pops on.

Soul Blind - Feel It All Around
This was a record I was anticipating for a while. I was really interested in hearing what Will Yip could do for a band like this and it was as stellar as I was hoping it would be. Front to back this record rips.

Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point
Tears For Fears was one of the first bands I ever loved - thanks to my mom for playing them on repeat during long road trips when I was a baby. Since then they have stood the test of time and have been a huge influence on me as a musician to this day. This year’s release has been nothing short of perfect and has embodied everything they are as a band while pushing their own musical boundaries.

Volcano - FOOL 2 THA GAME
This EP straight up rocks, all 5 tracks are crazy. It’s a gym playlist staple. The mix is not for weak headphones, it’s just that dope.

Life’s Question - World Full Of…
Even from the promos/singles in late 2020 these songs have been on my daily rotation. Therefore, this was another highly anticipated record for me. This band is a group of hardworking, good people who should be proud of this LP.

Steve Hallam - Guitar:

Life’s Question – World Full Of…
I had been waiting for this to come out since hearing the “Promo 2022.” This release has the most interesting guitar playing out of every record I have heard this year. Ridge and Abby are a force to be reckoned with on this one. Straight up amazing front to back.

Gridiron - No Good At Goodbyes
I fell in love with this band after hearing the song “What Can You Do?” on their previous EP, so this was a record I was highly anticipating. I love that this record is just straight-up heavy hardcore with a hip-hop twist.

No Pressure – No Pressure
I loved these songs right away because, for me, this album is super nostalgic sounding. The riffs are very appealing for their melody and progressions and best of all… it’s fast.

Combust - Another Life
I always go for the straight forward classic hardcore style, but Combust makes it fresh on this album.

New World Man - New World Man
It’s just crazy. Go listen to that shit.


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