Rockfeller Center's Rainbow Room reportedly has a new concert series in the works, and the first show was with self-described "art ensemble" (and Earl Sweatshirt collaborators) Standing on the Corner on Friday (1/25). Sixty-five floors high in Midtown Manhattan, fans found themselves looking at a stage with the glowing cardboard constructed city of SOTC's backdrop. As usual, the backdrop incorporated a Puerto Rico flag hung alongside an African American flag, and for this show, they had a Martin Luther King Jr. tapestry too (MLK Day was earlier that week). Performing with Variation #9 of their rotating lineup, frontman Gio Escobar orchestrated a thrilling and booming performance going in and out of songs heard on their EP Red Burns, along with some seemingly new material. At one point, they invited an audience member on stage for some impromptu singing.

The show was free with RSVP but "sold out" and packed, including a handful of people who were clearly big fans. Pictures of the night are in the gallery above.


photos by Rainer Turim

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