Painter and cartoonist Tom Neely, and the LA-based art collective Igloo Tornado, reimagine two revered and eminently brawny punk/metal guys, Glenn Danzig and Henry Rollins, as star-crossed lovers -- or "special" friends -- in their cult classic indie comic series, Henry & Glenn Forever (now available in the BV shop). Described as "a love story to end all love stories," Henry & Glenn also features appearances from Daryl Hall and John Oates as the satanists next door; in Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever, meanwhile, Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield show up for a trip to the spa.

"I didn't think it was very funny," Danzig told Rolling Stone about the series. "I thought it was a very crappy, opportunistic book. People are extremely stupid."

Neely also made a comic page of Danzig's "mostly true" reaction to the comic. "Sorry we made you sad Glenn," he writes.

Rollins, speaking to LA Weekly, had a much more measured response, saying, ""One of my favorite uses of satire is a comic book that depicts me in a romantic relationship with rock vocalist Glenn Danzig. I have never opened a copy; I am happy to live the rest of my life never knowing what happens to the two of us in those pages. I am told that in the story, our neighbors are Hall and Oates! If I were to find that anything less than hilarious, then I am in the wrong business."

The individual comics, which each collect multiple short stories -- Henry & Glenn Forever, Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #1, Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #2, Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #3, and Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #4, are available now in our shop, as is the Completely Ridiculous Edition that collects four serialized comics, the trade paperback, the original 6x6" book, and adds 16 never-before published pages; sticker packs, and an activity and coloring book. You can shop the whole collection HERE.

Also available are the newly announced, limited edition Henry & Glenn Throbblehead Figures. Hand numbered and limited to 500, these Danzig and Rollins figures are available as a pair, OR bundled with the Completely Ridiculous Edition graphic novel.

Henry & Glenn Throbbleheads

To complete your collection, you can also grab a repressing of Misfits' 1986 Collection LP, and Black Flag's 1985 live LP Who's Got the 10½.

Misfits Black Flag LPs

Check out more of the comic covers below.

Henry & Glenn Forever 1
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever 2-3
Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever 4 & Ridiculous Edition

Find the whole collection in our shop.

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