"what a dumb name." -- Anonymous comment, April 20, 2009 11:35am.


Portland, Oregon's Starfucker are in town playing two shows: tonight (9/22) at Bruar Falls and tomorrow (9/23) at Santo's Party House. It will likely be the last NYC shows they'll play under their current moniker, as the band are about to change it. What to? Like that falafel place on St. Marks / Bowery, they're running a contest to pick the new name:

We know our name sucks...so here is YOUR chance to help us pick a new one.

*Email your ideas to: newnameideas@gmail.com


*tell in person at the merch table at a show

If your name is selected, you will get tons of cool shit... tons!

Deadline for ideas is October 1st-ish.

This is weird, we know... but its something we've been thinking about doing for a long time. And the truth is, we never thought we'd make it this far with Starfucker. It started as just a fun little house-show project, but now that we have the opportunity to do this full-time, travel and continue making music, we don't feel like the name makes sense anymore...

They elaborated to the Portland Mercury:

We never thought starfucker would make it as far as it has, and never had any expectations of success. At this point we need to be able to either put more into music, or just stop doing it so we can get 9-5 jobs to pay our rent. Right now we're in this bardo where we don't quite make a living off music but we put so much energy into it that we can't put any time into a real job either. We just need to get serious about one or the other. The name has been a problem for us in a lot of ways. We've missed out on opening slots with bands we really like, and we hope to tour europe soon where there is already a Starfucker. Someone booked us once thinking we were the European Starfucker. The list goes on and on...

Portland Mercury: Why did you decide to come up with your new name via a fan submission contest? Who will be picking the new name, and what will your selection criteria be?

The reason we decided to have a contest is because we always want to keep a close connection with our fans, we started off playing house shows, which we love, and want to keep that level of intimacy as much as possible. So having a contest with our fans is a way that they can participate and have a say in what we should be called. We did a contest before with a t-shirt design and it went really well. It gives people an opportunity to be creative and do something they might not have a chance to do otherwise, which is rad. In the end, the four of us have to agree on the name, and we all have to like it.

The band are on tour with fellow Portland residents Deelay Ceelay, a "a collaboration between video artist/musician Chris Lael Larson and percussionist Delaney Kelly, fusing live instrumentation with synched projected visuals. Deelay Ceelay blur the divide between music, experimental film and performance while emphasizing the creation of a two-way exchange with audiences." You can download their "album" (20 minutes, four songs is an EP, guys) for free at their website.

All Starfucker/Deelay Ceelay tour dates, plus a video, below....

Starfucker - "Medecine"

"Deelay Ceelay Vs. Beach Boys"

Starfucker/Deelay Ceelay - 2009 Tour Dates
Sep 22 Bruar Falls w/ deelay ceelay >>> 21+ Brooklyn, New York
Sep 23 Santo's Party House w/ deelay ceelay >>> 18+ New York, New York
Sep 25 Bryn Mawr College-Lunt Basement w/ deelay ceelay >>>ALL AGES Haverford, Pennsylvania
Sep 26 Duke University Coffee House w/ deelay ceelay >>>ALL AGES Durham, North Carolina
Sep 28 The End w/ deelay ceelay >>> 18+ Nashville, Tennessee
Sep 30 Hailey's w/ deelay ceelay >>>ALL AGES Denton, Texas
Oct 1 Mohawk w/ deelay ceelay >>> ALL AGES Austin, Texas
Oct 3 CIRQ gallery w/ deelay ceelay >>> 16+ albuquerque, New Mexico
Oct 4 Modified Arts w/ deelay ceelay >>>ALL AGES Phoenix, Arizona
Oct 5 The Loft w/ deelay ceelay, strength >>>ALL AGES San Diego, California
Oct 6 Echo w/ deelay ceelay, strength >>>ALL AGES Los Angeles, California
Oct 7 Bottom of the Hill w/ deelay ceelay, strength >>>ALL AGES San Francisco, California
Oct 9 Vera Project w/ deelay ceelay >>> ALL AGES Seattle, Washington
Oct 10 Biltmore w/ deelay ceelay >>> 19+ Vancouver, British Columbia

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