Notorious B.I.G. died 23 years ago and there have been many posthumous releases since, but there is still music of his that hasn't been heard, too. Statik Selektah on Sunday shared a track called "Bastard Child," saying "Some new Biggie for you? (Bored on a Sunday). Even the biggest Notorious fans prob don’t know this verse." You can check that out below.

DJ Joe Lyons had said earlier in the week that he'd be opening his extensive vaults in mid-May, and Selektah saluted Joe in his instagram post, so presumably that's where this has come from:

I’m excited to announce that on May 14th, here on #Instagramlive I will be doing a session of my most rare #biggiesmalls aka #notoriousbig demos and freestyles. I have one of the most complete collections of his #recordings that exists and I will be playing early versions that many people have never heard before. If you are a huge fan and collector of Biggie’s music you likely have heard most of these tracks, but tune in for a trip down memory lane to the early 90s when #nychiphop ruled.

Stay tuned for more.

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