NYC emo band Stay Inside are releasing their new album Viewing next week, April 10 via No Sleep, and they're now streaming two songs from it, "Ivy" and "Monuments." Both are big, clean, soaring songs that sound like the past three decades of emo chewed up and spit back out in a way that's familiar but fresh. They're clearly pulling from the sounds of emo's underground, but they play and sing like they want to be the biggest band in the world, and it's refreshing to hear a band with this kind of unabashed ambition. Listen to both songs below.

As you may know, Stay Inside's lineup once included Bartees Strange, who is now on the rise as a solo artist, but Bartees did write a guitar part on the song "Verdict" off the upcoming Stay Inside album. Stay tuned for that.

1. Revisionist
2. Void
3. Ivy
4. Monuments
5. Silt
6. Divide
7. Wake
8. Veil
9. Verdict
10. Leave