Liverpool trio Stealing Sheep, who released their terrific third album Big Wows last year, are back with a new banger, "Just Do," powered by electronic handclaps, squelchy synths and their effervescent harmonies. "'Just Do' was formed between a studio session in London with Raf Rundell (2bears) and a composition we created for an experimental show called Wow Machine featuring hocket style vocals, synchronized dancers and a light up mechanical stage," say the band. "The music was inspired by this setup with mechanical samples, MPC sequencing and ballroom inspired bass synth and drums. There’s a stark contrast between evocative vocals and rich tones in the bass and drums with a heavy dance back." It's a cool track and you can listen to that, and Big Wows, below.

Stealing Sheep are set to head across the Atlantic for their first-ever U.S. tour which surrounds appearances at NYC's New Colossus festival and SXSW in Austin, hitting Boston, Philly, DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and Boise. All dates are listed below. Ahead of their tour, we asked Stealing Sheep to telling us about what they've been listening to lately, and their list includes tracks from Peggy Gou, Lizzo, Daphne, Laurie Anderson, SOPHIE, and more. Check out their list, complete with entertaining commentary, below.

Stealing Sheep have four shows in NYC next week. For New Colossus, they'll play The Kanine Records party at Pianos on March 12 with Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Honey Lung, Honey Cutt, Tallies, Peel Dream Magazine, Norway's Pom Poko, The Natvral (Kip from TPOBPAH), and more; the free Rough Trade day party at Arlene's Grocery on Saturday, March 14 with Heavenly Records bandmate The Orielles, plus Honey Lung, and more, as well as Tim Burgess telling stories from his career with The Charlatans. Later Saturday night at The Delancey, Stealing Sheep will also play, again with Tim Burgess, plus L.A. Peach, Hussy, and more. They'll also play Brooklyn's Rough Trade on March 13 with Boniface.



1) Riton, Kah-lo - "Ginger"

This super star pairing of Newcastle's electronic house producer Henry Smithson a.k.a Riton and Nigeria's Singer-songwriter / rapper Faridah Seriki a.k.a Kah-lo has been steering the Stealing Sheep creative cogs since their "Rinse and Repeat" track came out in 2016... Kah-lo's super fresh delivery and vocal rhythms are effortlessly contagious and give something super extra to the zingy groove-heavy beats and tracks of Riton -- they're addictive.


2) Floating points - "Ratio"

We recently played this track in a DJ set on an ice rink and it felt hypnotic. We love the overtone bass lines and live arpeggiators with sliding tempo syncopation.


3) LIZZO - "Boys"

We love the production of this track, it reminds us of one of our other favourite artists, ESG -- also super minimal and loopy -- allowing LIZZO's conversational rap influenced vocal to completely guide you. Can't really think of anyone who isn't obsessed with LIZZO, she's totally powerful and indestructible -- a true hero of pop.


4) CHARLI XCX - Interview with FADER

Slightly bending the rules here but thought we'd mention Charli XCX as she's got some great tunes but is also a great example of an artist that's using their status to re-mould the pop industry and lead the way with pioneering ideas, so we thought we should share her voice here and inspire other artists.


5) Grimes - "Idoru" (Slightly Longer Version)

Another pioneering pop figure -- we thought we'd include Grimes -- her original breaking tracks have always been our favourite but we are really into her exploration as an artist and how revealing she is about her development and also mistakes. This track is from her recent album and has a kawaii-inspired anime video too. This Asian subcultural movement has been part of our key inspo for our last album Big Wows too so we really resonated with this track.



It's hard to choose just one track from SOPHIE, especially if you haven't listened before -- she's challenging the boundaries of what pop can be with her production approach. Her electronic sound is hyperreal and uses modern software synthesisers in a completely inspired and abstract way. If we were to pigeonhole I guess she's a big player in the PC music realm, but always with totally fresh angle


7) DAPHNI - "Face to Face"

Just a great tune with absolute raw vibes and groove -- it's a modern dance-floor maker for sure.


8) Little Dragon - "Lover Chanting"

We cite Little Dragon as one of our main influences -- they have a similar home-grown approach to independently produced self-manufactured dance-pop. This track particularly feels like them at their best - there's all the nostalgic feels and optimistic excitement in the progression.


9) Peggy Gou - "Starry Night"

This track is the modern day answer to "Atomic Bomb" (William Onyeabor) but with a modern dance floor edge. It's heady, nostalgic, dreamy, lighthearted and a great way to bring a care free disco atmosphere into a room.


10) Laurie Anderson - "O Super Man"

Absolutely timeless and still super fresh - she's one of our idols and still doesn't have a contemporary that could touch her in terms of her unlimited creative approach.


3/10/2020 - Boston, MA - Great Scott
3/11/2020 - 3/14/2020 - New York, NY - New Colossus Festival
3/13/2020 - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade
3/15/2020 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle
3/16/2020 - Washington DC - Pearl Street Warehouse
3/17-3/21 - Austin, TX - SXSW
3/23/2020 - Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Theater
3/24/2020 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill
3/26/2020 - Seattle, WA - Sunset Tavern
3/27/2020 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
3/28/2020 - Boise, ID - Treefort Music Festival

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