Bowery Ballroom - March 31, 2008 (rococoquille)

There are a number of New York references in this album: Sheepshead Bay, and the torture of the Van Wyck Expressway at 5pm. Do you miss New York?

Malkmus: Yeah, always. We love it there, me and my wife. Especially when you live where we live on the west coast, which is so different. I just really like New York a lot and the people, mostly. My friends there are what I miss about it, more than the skyline or the food. I just think it has a special kind of spirit.

And you're playing a three-night stand here.

Yeah, three shows in small venues. You know, underplaying our potential. It's going to be fun.

Are you going to vary the set list from night to night?

Oh yeah. We never play the same set twice. Janet is very involved with the set list; she basically does it. So she'll mix it up. [Gothamist]

John Vanderslice opened the show and then ran over to Pianos.

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