French-German duo Stereo Total have been making avant-garde, garagey minimal wave dance music for over 25 years are are gearing up to release new album Ah! Quel Cinéma! on July 12 via Tapete Records. This is album #12 for Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring who don't seemed to have mellowed one bit as you can hear on the album's new single "Einfach Kompliziert" ("Simply Complicated"). "When we finished the recordings of our new record Ah! Quel cinéma!, Gunther (the boss of our label Tapete-Records) asked us to record some additional songs that 'sound like typical Stereo Total-Songs' (he thought the rest of the material was too far off)," say Françoise and Brezel. "We didn't even know what a typical Stereo Total-song could sound like - something simple, maybe? So we ended up recording this track 'it is difficult to be simple.'

"Einfach Kompliziert" does indeed sound like a classic Stereo Total motorik banger and the video, which they made themselves, premieres in this post. "We found a new strategy which resulted also in a new aesthetic: do it without money," they tell us. "Besides the Super-8 film, the filming costed zero Euro. We used only accessories we found." Stereo Total also want to assure us that the spray-painted cactus was done by a professional gardener using special paint. "NO FLOWER WAS HARMED FOR THIS VIDEO." watch that, and check out a few other tracks from the album, below.


Stereo Total - Ah! Quel Cinéma! tracklist:
1. Einfach
2. Ich bin cool
3. Mes copines
4. Cinemascope
5. Methedrine
6. Die Dachkatze
7. My Idol
8. Hass-Satellit
9. Brezel says
10. Le Spleen
11. Sur un fil
12. Dancing with a Memory
13. Keine Musik
14. Elektroschocktherapie