Sterling Magee, the musician who was one half of Satan & Adam, has died at age 84. The Tampa Bay Times reports he died in hospice care from coronavirus complications.

A session musician who played on James Brown and Marvin Gaye records, and recorded for Ray Charles' label, Magee became disgusted with the exploitation of black musicians by the industry, and walked away from the music business. He then rechristened himself as street musician, Mr. Satan. In the '80s, Adam Gussow, a young white Princeton University grad, saw Magee playing in Harlem when on his way to the Apollo Theatre and asked if he could play harmonica with him. The unlikely duo became a sensation, made albums and even appeared on U2's Rattle & Hum album (and accompanying documentary).

Magee's story was told in the fascinating 2018 documentary Satan & Adam which you can stream on Netflix. You can watch the trailer below.

Rest in peace, Sterling.