by Andrew Sacher


One of the band's playing Toby Driver's upcoming residency at The Stone is Stern, which Chuck Stern fronts and Toby also plays in. They play the 8 PM set on August 29 before Toby's other band Kayo Dot plays the 10 PM set, and they'll be supporting their new album, Bone Turquoise. Like Kayo Dot, it pulls from a lot of different genres -- metal, post-punk, experimental rock, and more. It's difficult to classify but really not too difficult to listen to. The album comes out this week on New Atlantis Records and can be streamed in full below.

In addition to Toby's own residency at The Stone, he also plays Mario Diaz de Leon's (better known as Oneirogen) residency at the same venue, which goes down from August 11-16. Toby plays 10 PM sets on August 15 with Charlie Looker and August 16 as a member of the trio Bloodmist with Mario and Jeremiah Cymerman.

The residency also includes Mario with MV Carbon at 8 PM on 8/12, Mivos Quartet at 8 PM on 8/15, and more. RIght after Mario's residency ends, Mick Barr's residency starts.

Oneirogen also has the Plenitude EP on the way.

Check out the full schedule for Mario's residency, with the Stern LP stream, below...


AUG 11-16

8/11 Tuesday
8 pm
Claire Chase, Joshua Rubin and Kivie Cahn-Lipman
Claire Chase (flute) Joshua Rubin (clarinet, bass clarinet) Kivie Cahn-Lipman (cello, viola da gamba)
Celebrating the release of "The Soul is The Arena" on Denovali Records. Admission price includes a copy of the CD edition (limited to 50 copies for the evening). The Soul is The Arena (2010, for bass clarinet and electronics) / The Flesh Needs Fire (2007, for flute, clarinet, and electronics) / Luciform (2011, for flute and electronics) / New Work (2015, for viola da gamba) / The Soul is The Arena (2010, arranged for cello and electronics by Kivie Cahn-Lipman). TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Mario Diaz de Leon -- Early Electronic Works + Vesper Sol
Mario Diaz de Leon (sound projection)
Demonic possession, apocalyptic visions, serialized death metal sound collage -- these unreleased early works from 1999-2001 laid a foundation for what would come later, and include some of my most extreme music. Projected through a 6-channel speaker system, the evening will conclude with the rarely heard "Vesper Sol," a multichannel work commissioned by Issue Project Room and the Greenwall Foundation in 2009.

8/12 Wednesday
8 pm
Mario Diaz de Leon and MV Carbon
Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar) MV Carbon (cello, electronics, vocals)

10 pm
Zeljko McMullen, Justin Craun (electronics) Nicholas Emmet, Mario Diaz de Leon (guitars)
Serene meditations in the middle of an air raid.

8/13 Thursday
8 pm
Jay King and Mario Diaz de Leon -- Video Retrospective I
Mario Diaz de Leon, Andrew Hock (guitars)
From 1999-2007, Jay King and Mario Diaz de Leon focused on audiovisual collaboration, creating a body of work that includes video, installation, game environments, graphic music scores, and multimedia performance. Their work was shown at galleries and museums including PS1/MoMA (Greater New York 2005), Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), James Cohan Gallery (NYC), and music conservatories around the US. This screening presents a first ever retrospective of their video works, which explore boundaries between filmic narrative, music video, and stroboscopic abstraction.

10 pm
Jay King and Mario Diaz de Leon - Video Retrospective II
Pauline Kim Harris, Conrad Harris (violins)
Program includes the premiere performance of the graphic score "Open Grid" (2007) for two violins and electronics, plus other works.

8/14 Friday
8 pm
Oneirogen plays Hypnos
Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar, synth, electronics, vocals)
The Oneirogen debut was released in 2012 on the Shinkoyo and Denovali labels, and received widespread acclaim from fans of experimental and heavy music for its cinematic blend of ethereal synths, brutal distortion, and noise influences. Tonight's set will feature the first live performances of the songs "Oneirogen," "Cinerum," and "Faithless."

10 pm
Oneirogen plays Kiasma
Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar, synth, electronics, vocals)
Released in 2013 on Denovali, "Kiasma" intensified the metal elements present on the debut to create an intense merging of dark electronic music and doom/black metal influences. Featuring the first live performances of the concluding tracks "Gauze" and "Mortisomnia. "

8/15 Saturday
8 pm
Mivos Quartet and Stephen Gosling
Olivia De Prato, Joshua Modney (violins) Victor Lowrie (viola) Mariel Roberts (cello) Stephen Gosling (piano)
Moonblood (2005, for string quartet) / Psalterion (2007, for string quartet) / Cosmogony (2015, for piano and electronics -- world premiere).

10 pm
Mario Diaz de Leon - Compositions for Guitars
Toby Driver, Charlie Looker (guitars)

8/16 Sunday
3 pm
Uri Caine (piano) Mark Helias (bass) Clarence Penn (drums)

8 pm
Mario Diaz de Leon and Nick Podgurski
Mario Diaz de Leon (synth, guitar) Nick Podgurski (drums)

10 pm
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Toby Driver (bass) Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar)

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