Steve Burns, aka original Blues Clues host 'Steve,' has been making music with help from The Flaming Lips since the early '00s. His first album, 2003's Songs for Dustmites, was produced by Dave Fridmann and featured Steven Drozd on much of it, and he and Drozd worked together on 2009's Deep Sea Recovery Efforts. Burns and Drozd have now formed STEVENSTEVEN, which finds Burns re-embracing some of his family entertainment roots, making an "album for everyone." They cite as influences: "Wondering, Burt, Black Sabbath, Cephalopods, Grover, Toy Commercials From The 1970’s, Harry Nilsson, Dr. Seuss, Science, Bill Conti, Queen, Futzees, Rocky Balboa, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, True Love, Neil Diamond, The Zoo, Holly Hobbie, Fairy Tales, David Bowie and Mister Rogers."

STEVENSTEVEN's debut album, FOREVERYWHERE, will be out February 24 and that manages to be psychedelic (in a Yoshimi way) while still having room for a song about pooping. You can check out the single "The Unicorn And Princess Rainbow" which definitely nods to Nilsson and Bowie (and the Lips) and '70s Sesame Street. The video for that is below.

They'll be celebrating the LP's release at family-friendly matinee show at Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday, February 26. Doors open at 11 AM and the show's at 1 PM. Tickets are on sale. Flyer is below.

Meanwhile, the new Flaming Lips LP is out next week.



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