Steve Lacy is the latest artist to get a signature Fender Strat, the Steve Lacy People Pleaser Stratocaster. The announcement reads:

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announces the launch of the Steve Lacy “People Pleaser” Stratocaster®, a collaboration with California born-and-raised Grammy-winning artist, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Steve Lacy. This Signature Stratocaster® guitar is not only an homage to a player whose guitar-playing style is as technically proficient as it is emotionally evocative, but a celebration of Lacy’s indelible impact on culture at large. Named for his trailblazing reputation, crowd-pleasing sounds, and stage looks, the “People Pleaser” Stratocaster® showcases Lacy’s evolution from a hungry musician into a chart-topping artist and guitarist.

The guitar's got a built-in fuzz circuit, a custom "Chaos Burst" finish that Steve himself came up with, a custom dice inlay at the 12th fret, and a checker patterned back plate. It has a modern Deep “C”-shaped neck with a 9.5” radius maple fingerboard, and comes with a vintage-style hardware case with fuzzy green interior. You may have seen Steve himself playing it on SNL, at the Grammys, and/or during his recent tour.

Steve says, "This guitar means so much to me. It’s a full circle moment. My first guitar was a Squier strat. It was the box set that came with an amp, case, quarter inch- the whole 9. Now I have my very own Fender Stratocaster guitar. The People Pleaser Strat, in a nutshell, is my dream guitar as a kid when I first started playing and my dream guitar as the guitarist I am today. An ode to the old classic design that Fender is known for with all the new specs that make a guitar feel like home. I hope everyone gets to experience the feeling of this guitar. I’m excited to see what people make with it."

Purchase the Strat and see more pictures and details at Fender's website. Watch a video for a deeper dive below.

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