Some unexpected and unfortunate news in the American Football universe: drummer and trumpet player Steve Lamos has left the band. He writes:

Hi all:
After many years with American Football, my life situation has changed. Unfortunately, I now need to move on from the band.

I’d like to thank Mike, Holmes, Nate, Garzon, and Cory; Amber, Cara, and Butch; Jason, Jim, and Todd; Matt, Darcie, Seth, and everyone else at Polyvinyl; Atiba, Damien, Evan, SB, Sarah V, Dan, Sarah T, Meric, Logan, and the many other amazing artists and people whom I’ve come to know through AF.

I wish you all the best as the band moves on to its next phase.

Finally, I’d like to thank AF fans: you have provided me with some truly amazing experiences—and some truly amazing memories.

I’m deeply grateful.

Lamos co-founded the band with Mike Kinsella and Steve Holmes in 1997, and had been with them from their 2014 reunion onwards. His unique drumming style and his trumpet playing have been crucial elements of the band's sound, and it's hard to imagine them without him. Truly an end of era.

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