Having released the new album No Wilderness Deep Enough and ambient and spoken word albums during COVID lockdown, Neurosis co-frontman Steve Von Till finally got back on the road this year. And now he's made us a list of his favorite things of 2022, including albums, live shows, a documentary, an audio book, and more. There's a lot of cool stuff on there, and Steve provided very intriguing commentary on each pick. Read on for his list...


Rebel Dread (movie)
The story of Don Letts. A man who has led an inspiring life as an iconic filmmaker capturing the early days of English punk, primarily with The Clash, a DJ unifying punk and dub in London, and as a musician. Such great stories in this film and proof that we should follow our passion and live our lives to the fullest.

Faith, Hope and Carnage by Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan (audio book)
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis live at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, WA 3/17/2022 (concert)
I am cheating here and killing two birds with one stone, but they are clearly elated. It has been a trip witnessing Nick Cave’s post trauma transformation into a wise poetic voice for compassion, understanding, and love above all else. The audio book of conversations between himself and O’Hagan are intimate, revealing and inspiring. The Carnage set in Seattle was stunningly beautiful. Very different from a Bad Seeds experience. Warren Ellis is a wizard of pouring himself into the music. I would have put his book, Nina Simone’s Gum, in this list as well but it was published in 2021.

Wardruna live at the Moore Theater in Seattle, WA 10/29/2022
Wardruna is my favorite artist of the last decade and I had tickets to this since before the pandemic. If you would have told me twenty years ago that a group would emerge that would chant and sing runic mysteries in Norwegian and Old Norse, breathe new life into ancient ideas and instruments all while creating animistic trance music for the future ceremonies of our imagination… and that they would become popular enough to sell out large theaters around the English language centric United States, I would have told you that you were high. But here they are and I love it.

Steve Von Till and Helen Money - No Wilderness Deep Enough tour of the United States, Summer 2022
I don’t post this for the shameless self promotion but for the simple fact that it was the first time since 2019 that I was able to travel and make music with friends. I know many others share the same experience of the pandemic break, but I can’t diminish how weird it was to not travel and make music with friends since I began about 35 years ago. To be able to get in a van and drive through the beautiful landscapes of this entire country and make emotional music was an absolute joy.

Horace Andy - Midnight Rocker (album)
I am a fan of almost everything on the On-U Sound label and anything produced by Adrian Sherwood. This new album by 72 year old Jamaican roots singer, Horace Andy, who is probably best known at this point for his collaborations with Massive Attack, delivers some beautiful songs that highlight his distinctive voice. The players are ridiculously tight and groovin’. Sherwood’s understated yet three dimensional production proves once again that he is a dubmaster of the highest degree.

Petbrick - Liminal (album)
This is why I own and run a record label. To be able to put out challenging intense genre defying music made by amazing people. This album is a ripper.

BIG | BRAVE - "carvers, farriers, and knaves" (single)
I don’t know how I slept on this band for so long. Hearing them for the first time over the PA in New Orleans while on tour this summer I was blown away. New approaches to emotional and musical heaviness are rare. Their approach is beautifully mournful, and painfully transcendent. This single is from an album out early next year, I can’t wait.

Fire in the Mountains (music festival)
I have performed in many different types of music festivals all over the western world and this one occupies a very unique place in my experience. Set in the shadow of the Grand Teton mountains on a ranch in Wyoming, this intimate, eco friendly, DIY, primarily metal festival not only hosted heavy hitters Enslaved, Wolves in the Throne Room and Yob, but outliers such as David Eugene Edwards of Wovenhand and DBUK from Denver. There were daily lectures and workshops on a range of topics from Bison restoration, native plants, and indigenous perspectives on modern issues. There are no corporate sponsors, and use local vendors but most importantly they created a genuine sense of alternative community that is very rare.

Being primarily a fan of his ambient albums I was pleasantly surprised by these inspired vocalizations interacting with the rich often abstract sonic textures. Exactly what I wanted to hear but didn’t know it until it arrived.

Motorhead - Iron Fist (40th Anniversary Edition, album)
Since first hearing Lemmy and company as a young heavy rocker looking for the heaviest vibe I could find, Motorhead became part of my DNA. They will forever be the true authentic spirit of rock and roll as it is meant to be. This music will always get my blood boiling. Remastered from the original tapes, this triple LP has demos, outtakes, and a 1982 live in Glasgow set all tastefully presented in an LP sized book.

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