Stevenson, the solo project of Gulfer guitarist/vocalist Vincent Ford, will release a new album called Loser Friendly on June 4 via ZTapes (pre-order), and we're premiering second single "Jenny" and its video. Compared to Gulfer's noodly emo revival, Stevenson has way more of a slacker indie rock vibe, and here's what Vincent says about the new song:

"Jenny" is a song that describes an abusive relationship between a father and his daughter. It is presented from the perspective of the boyfriend. The day starts and everything seems to be in slow-motion when she tells her boyfriend that the damages caused by her father are irreparable and that she needs to leave asap. In the second verse, the boyfriend describes the consequences from this relationship and decides he wants to act to change this.

For this music video, I just wanted to show a beautiful day in Montreal with some of the people that made this project possible. It’s just us hanging out, playing ball, skateboarding, putting on costumes and interacting with Montreal’s weirdness.

Listen and watch the video below...