Orange County hardcore staples Stick To Your Guns have released a demo of a new song, "Hasta La Victoria," and it's a pulverizing track with powerful lyricism that very much sounds like a reflection of the world we're living in. It's on sale for $1 or more at Bandcamp with "all proceeds will be going to national legal and bail funds to help aid the people who are on the ground doing the work here in the United States." Listen below.

While the worlds wades in misery
This beat goes on
This melody sung until victory
You can’t look to the ones above to set you free
A death that opened a door in all of our hearts can’t be ignored
If the good of all can’t be restored
What serves the few must be destroyed

How did it feel when they broke your hands?
How did it feel while they mocked a dying man?
And when the trigger was pulled did your life flash before your eyes?
Did it make you proud to know you tried?
That you gave your life?

The right to live in peace
Can’t be denied The right to live in peace
This beat goes on
This melody sung until victory


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