by Ian Chainey

Amebix at Bowery Ballroom, January 2009 (more by Justina Villanueva)

Chris "Stig da Pig/Stig Maximus" Miller, guitarist for classic crusties Amebix, has released a new song entitled "I Go Dark." The track is planned to be a part of a forthcoming solo EP and represents the first work we've heard from Miller since the reconstituted Amebix put out Sonic Mass in 2011 before splitting again in 2012.

"I Go Dark" starts with a lone acoustic guitar, strumming a foreboding progression. Miller's grizzled voice soon enters and is padded by thick synths. It nails the ambiance of the slightly more progressive Sonic Mass with a spartan structure. All part of the plan, it seems. Stig says in the press release: "The idea was to write some songs that were actually driven along by the sound of an acoustic guitar and add interesting sounds to it. As Amebix a certain thing is expected, so it's nice to go another way and do something on my own."

One of the premier crust punk bands, Amebix might be best remembered for their mid '80s LPs, Arise! and Monolith. While "I Go Dark" has a less deafening sonic approach, it still captures that spirit. Stream it in full below.


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