Nobody would have ever accused influential English crust punk pioneers Amebix of being nazis, until two weeks ago that is. That's when frontman Rob "The Baron" Miller revealed some questionable things about himself via the liner notes of his newer band Tao Cross' latest record that was set to come out on Relapse Records, who instead dropped the band when the liner notes came to their attention.

Rob has lately developed an interest in conspiracy theories, and among the conspiracy theorists he thanked on the record, was Holocaust denier Gerard Menuhin. The rest of the band (Michel Langevin of Voivod included) has since distanced themselves from Rob, but Rob has doubled down on the ideas and even says he plans on continuing the band on his own.

Tau Cross has only been a band for like 6 years, so it's not the biggest loss, but it has been a blow of Morrissey sized proportions that Amebix may be questionable now too.

Luckily, Rob's brother and fellow Amebix founding member Chris "Stig" Miller has broken his silence to let the world know that it isn't like that. His statement, via Facebook:

I dislike having to share personal stuff online but Art and Music is personal isn’t it? so here goes…

Contrary to popular belief I haven’t seen my brother Rob face to face for about 8 years since the release of the last Amebix album in 2011’Sonic Mass’.. the stress of it all became too much and I had to “step away” and let it go for the sake of my health at the time but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit back and let all the recent Tau Cross developments contaminate decades of work with Amebix.

The internet rumours seem to be suggesting that Amebix were secretly some sort of slack- jawed knuckle dragging Nazi sympathising Fucktards! This is Absolute Bollox!

I haven’t followed Tau Cross or its progress but I feel bad for the other members and as for my brothers behaviour…I really don’t know what to say about that apart from I’m shocked.

As for the author named I personally wouldn’t touch him with a shitty stick.

Surely as a species in order to evolve we have to acknowledge the sheer horror of the past in order to not let it happen again.

I’m sorry to all of the fans of the music who have been hurt by this.
co-founder Amebix

For more Stig, check out his solo acoustic tracks on bandcamp.

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