Stone, the new-ish band fronted by former Expire guitarist Zach Dear, have been kicked off of the Knocked Loose / Terror / Jesus Piece tour following multiple accusations of sexual assault against Zach Dear. A Tumblr page titled "Zach Dear Is Cancelled" has been set up to compile the various allegations.

Knocked Loose posted a statement about Stone's removal from the tour, and later added that Year of the Knife will replace them on all dates. The statement reads:

We have been aware of recent incidents and paying very close attention to every story, tweet, and Facebook post being shared. Stone is no longer on the upcoming tour, it was never a question from the start. This is being worked on from our end since the very beginning please do not take our silence as hiding from the issue, instead we have been working to make our first official headliner a better tour and a safer place for everyone involved.

We are sorry it took so long to update. We have always promoted a safe place for every different kind of person that wants to come to our shows, and have vocally promoted a safe space for women. We DO NOT stand behind these actions, and it will not be tolerated.

When Year of the Knife were announced, Knocked Loose added, "We are still very excited for this tour committed to keeping our shows a safe space for EVERYONE."

The tour includes a NYC show on March 31 at Brooklyn Bazaar (tickets). All dates are listed below.

Zach Dear also responded to the allegations and said that Stone will be taking a break from touring:

In the last few days there have been some stories involving me circling around the internet. Most saying that I hurt people in different ways. While on tour I was shamefully promiscuous. It’s not something I’m proud of but it is something I’ve been honest about. I lived by the rule that every intimate encounter was over when a woman said “no.”

In every intimate situation I’ve been in, my understanding at the time through body language, being kissed back, etc., was that everything was consensual. I am not the kind of guy who would intentionally harm anyone and – given the chance – I would apologize to anyone who felt I misinterpreted their signals or hurt them. That was far from my intention.

I think it’s important for women to raise issues like this. No question. It gives everyone the opportunity to reflect and deal with them honestly which is what I’ll be doing while we take a break from touring.

Knocked Loose / Terror / Jesus Piece / Year of the Knife -- 2018 Tour Dates
2.28 @ The End (Nashville, TN)
3.1 @ Blind Tiger (Greensboro, NC)
3.2 @ The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA)
3.3 @ Crowbar (Ybor City, FL)
3.4 @ 1904 (Jacksonville, FL)
3.6 @ Walters Downtown (Houston, TX)
3.7 @ Alamo City Music Hall (San Antonio, TX)
3.8 @ RBC (Dallas, TX)
3.9 @ Davey’s Uptown (Kansas City, MO)
3.10 @ Marquis Theatre (Denver, CO)
3.11 @ In The Venue (Salt Lake City, UT)
3.13 @ El Corazon (Seattle, WA)
3.14 @ Analog Theater (Portland, OR)
3.16 @ 924 Gilman (Berkeley, CA)
3.17 @ Teragram Ballroom (Los Angeles, CA)
3.18 @ Chain Reaction (Anaheim, CA)
3.19 @ Nile Theater (Mesa, AZ)
3.21 @ 89th Street (Oklahoma City, OK)
3.22 @ Sokol Underground (Omaha, NE)
3.23 @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall (St. Paul, MN)
3.24 @ Bottom Lounge (Chicago, IL)
3.25 @ Skully’s Music Diner (Columbus, OH)
3.26 @ The Magic Stick (Detroit, MI)
3.27 @ Velvet Underground (Toronto, ON)
3.28 @ Theatre Fairmount (Montreal, QC)
3.29 @ California Brew Haus (Rochester, NY)
3.30 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA)
3.31 @ Brooklyn Bazaar (Brooklyn, NY)
4.1 @ Underground Arts (Philadelphia, PA)