Former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown released the anti-mask, anti-vax "Little Seed Big Tree" on Friday, which we'd hoped meant he would knock it off with the cryptic tweets blasting COVID-19 lockdown that were, perhaps, to promote it. No, it appears that Brown is really invested in this conspiracy theory stuff, and a fan of widely debunked viral video Plandemic, to boot. "So im a Conspiracy Theorist HA! a term invented by the lame stream media to discredit those who can smell and see through the government/media lies and propaganda #researchanddestroy," Brown tweeted last week.

More recently, Brown tweeted, "But IAN 'wearing a mask in a pandemic is the correct and sensible thing to do!’ I agree.But what pandemic? #researchanddestroy #housearrest"

"THE GREAT RESET the plandemic planned designed and executed to make us digital slaves #factchecker #researchanddestroy," he continued.

Next he quoted George Orwell, writing, "ALL tyrannies rule through fraud and force but once the FRAUD is exposed they must rely exclusively on FORCE"

Brown kept going from there:

Van Morrison and Noel Gallagher appear to be of similar opinion with Brown on this, but thankfully there are still plenty of voices of reason. One of those is KISS' Paul Stanley, who just recently tweeted, "QUESTION As an American or just a person who believes themselves to care for others in good conscience, If there was a CHANCE of saving lives by wearing a mask... WHY WOULDN’T YOU? CDC: Almost 7million USA cases reported. 200,000 DEAD."

Come on Ian, listen to Starchild!

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