Former Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown has been taking heat for some controversial thoughts on the coronavirus: in one Tweet from September 5, he wrote "NO LOCKDOWN NO TESTS NO TRACKS NO MASKS NO VAX #researchanddestroy"

Among the 200+ replies: "What shape's the earth?," "I already have to cope with Morrissey being a bell end, don’t you start," and "Follow Experts And not Roses" (which played off Brown's UK hit single "F.E.A.R.").

Brown then doubled down on Tuesday (9/8), also taking a swipe at Microsoft's Bill Gates:

Journalist and DJ Dave Haslam replied, "Factcheck. Bill Gates made his money developing & selling software, rather than selling computers. He's the 3rd largest funder of the WHO. He's also pledged 1 billion dollars to malaria control. He doesn't personally do the research, he gives scientists the cash."

Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre replied "cart before horses as there isn't a vaccine approved. the virus is real, several mutations too," and "also: bill gates never sold computers ya monkey, he sold software - microsoft duh." Another reply: "Please stop watching YouTube."

On Thursday (9/10), Ian dropped this cryptic tweet:

Meanwhile, Stone Roses guitarist John Squire tweeted, not as a direct reply to Brown, but shortly aft him on 9/5, writing, "Wear a mask. stay safe. Look after yourself and others #morecambeandwise."

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