Stonewall auction

In 2012, famous record collector (and frontman for NYC band Endless Boogie) Paul Major wrote an article titled "The Case of the $5000 LP." The subject was his own copy of "his prized Stonewall LP, which is priced at around $5000." Well, inflation is a bitch and there's nothing like good press. It's only two years later, and (assuming the winning bidder actually pays) (he seems legit) (yes, I'm assuming only a man would pay that much for an obscure psych record), one just sold for $14,100 on ebay! Congrats Paul for now owning a $14,000 LP, and to NYC's own Academy Records who were the seller of the super rare LP. Where did they get it? They're not saying, but here's the auction description:

This is probably the rarest and most sought after of all the Tax Scam releases, usually trading hands in dangerous, dimly lit back alleys on the very rare occasions it is offered for sale! Seriously though, this is one of the very few records that matches extreme rarity with an equal measure of musical quality. A ferociously heavy hard psych masterpiece that would undoubtedly be a classic if anybody had been fortunate enough to hear it back when it was trickled out ('released' would be an exaggeration) in minute numbers back in 1976.

Even by the murky standards of Tax Scam releases, this record is truly an enigma, and little is known about the band today despite years of research by leading Sourcerers. There is no doubt about the music though! And this is without a doubt one of the very best copies in existence. The record looks like it was pressed yesterday and was very tight on the spindle when I carefully needle-dropped it just to check how it played (flawlessly!). And just to be sure, we showed it to Psychedelic Record Guru Paul Major who verified that this is a 100% legit original copy! (Read his "The Case Of The $5000 Record" article for more info) Only some light cover wear on the front keeps it from perfection. This is also a DJ copy, though it is unclear how many copies of this may be labeled as such. With no copies showing up on Popsike it is uncertain if this has ever been sold on eBay before!


Taking the sting off the pricetag...shipping is only $5 domestic. Listen to a Stonewall track for free, below...