Loma Prieta and Lord Snow are two of the best screamo bands of the last decade or so, so it's very exciting to learn that Sean Leary of Loma Prieta (and Mare Island, Elle and Ysidro) and Erik Anderson of Lord Snow (and Lautrec) have come together in the new band Stormlight. They've been working on their 11-song debut album Natoma with producer Jack Shirley (who's also frequently worked with Loma Prieta) for the past three years, and after finishing it this past April, they just released it on Zegema Beach Records over the weekend. Sean handles guitar, bass, and vocals, while Erik takes care of the album's manic drumming, and the whole album is genuinely great stuff. It's not just a repeat of Loma Prieta or Lord Snow, but fans of both bands will most likely find this instantly appealing. It has a coarse and chaotic side, but more often than not, this album is bright, melodic, and uplifting. Stream it below:

You can also order it on vinyl and cassette (with limited edition variants) here.

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