Today in straight edge news, well, there’s some straight edge news. First off, members of Earth Crisis have started a band called Sect with members of Cursed, Catharsis and Fall Out Boy (who obviously are as sXe as it gets). Earth Crisis' Scott Crouse and Ian Edwards have joined up with Cursed vocalist Chris Colohan, and guitarist James Chang (of Catharsis), and as you may have guessed, the FOB member is drummer Andy Hurley, who's been in other cool bands like Racetraitor and Enabler. Sect have released three songs already, and it's raging, fast grind-y hardcore, and actually pretty awesome. You can listen to those songs below.

Meanwhile, in previously-mentioned straight edge news, the reunited Youth of Today are playing the inaugural Sound On Sound Fest in Texas. That makes two upcoming shows for them, the other being Philly's This Is Hardcore.

AND, don’t forget that the straight edge leaning Revelation Records-signed Forced Order are playing NJ’s Back to School Jam in September. One would imagine that they won’t be the only band with SE members there. We just aren't really sure, but the lineup also includes Title Fight, Turnstile, Superheaven, Turnover and more. Tickets are on sale now.

Listen to those new Sect songs below.

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