Sound effects records of ghosts and goblins and creaky doors not cutting it anymore? Stranger Things composers and S U R V I V E members Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have the answer. Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down features ominous and unsettling atmospheric tracks from Stranger Things that might have some thinking twice about ringing your doorbell. ”Hide some speakers in your bushes, play this record, and scare those trick or treaters,” say Kyle and Michael. Originally an iTunes exclusive bonus download for the Strangers Things S2 soundtrack, Lakeshore Records has now released Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down on pumpkin orange vinyl.

Meanwhile, the third Season of Stranger Things is filming now and is expected to be released mid-2019. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein also scored a new virtual reality series and we spotted more than a few Stranger Things costumes at this weekend's NY Comic Con.

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