The much-anticipated second season of Netflix's surprise hit Stranger Things is finally here, and you can binge the whole thing right now on Netflix. Early reviews have been mostly positive. To further hype Season 2, they've created Spotify playlists for all the main characters, including one for the Demogorgon monster ("Death metal to turn that smile Upside Down, from your faceless neighborhood demon prince."). The playlists are more thematic than accurate for the time period (1984), which may explain why the first song in Jonathan's "Outsider Looking In" playlist begins with JET's "Are You Going to Be My Girl?" The've got a Stranger Things Spotify website where, if you let it scan your listening history, it will match you to the character's playlist you're most compatible with. Playlists for Dustin, Eleven, Steve and the Demogorgon are below.

Meanwhile if you listen to any of these playlists or the official Stranger Things soundtracks on Spotify's browser app, you'll activate the "Upside Down" mode that puts a spooky skin over the player. You can also stream Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein (of S U R V I V E)’s score for Season 2 below.

S U R V I V E just played two nights in Brooklyn's Green Wood Cemetery.

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