It was revealed earlier this week that Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run member John Nolan would be doing an acoustic set for the Riot Fest At Home livestream series on Friday (5/1) at 7 PM ET, and that he'd be joined by other Straylight Run members too. John later revealed that actually the stream would feature all members of Straylight Run -- Shaun Cooper, Will Noon, and John's sister Michelle DaRosa -- marking the first time they'll be performing together (well, "together") in over a decade. (Michelle left the band in 2008 and they went on hiatus in 2010.) Exciting!

But wait, there's more. Straylight Run are releasing a live album, Straylight Run Live At The Patchogue Theatre, which they recorded in 2005 but never released. It'll be available exclusively on Bandcamp (which is waiving its cut of sales on Friday), and 100% of proceeds will go to Feeding America, "the largest hunger-relief organization in the United States."

John says:

In 2005, Straylight Run filmed and recorded a live performance at The Patchogue Theatre on Long Island. It was an amazing night. The show was put on to raise money for a friend of ours who had an accident at work. The feeling in the room and on stage that night was incredible. Our original plan was to release a DVD of the performance. Unfortunately, the footage ended up being unusable, so plans for the DVD were scrapped. The audio from the show sounded great but at the time, we were getting ready to release our first EP, so putting out a live album at the same time didn't make sense. We didn't know what to do with the recording, so it stayed on the shelf with the idea in the back of our minds that we'd release it someday. Now, fifteen years later, that day has arrived. It feels like the right time to share this with people and to share it for a good cause. 100% of the money from the sales of this album will go to Feeding America, a network of food banks across the country. Feeding America provides over 4.3 billion meals annually, helping one-in-seven Americans facing hunger. The work they do is extremely important, and in the middle of this pandemic, it's more important than ever. We hope that this live album will be a source of happiness for people and also help raise some money for a very worthy cause.

Watch a live session of Straylight Run back in the day, and check out the artwork and tracklist for the live album below.

1. Mistakes We Knew We Were Making
2. Tool Sheds And Hot Tubs
3. It's For The Best
4. The Perfect Ending
5. Another Word For Desperate
6. Sympathy For The Martyr
7. Now It's Done
8. The Tension And The Terror
9. A Slow Descent
10. Existentialism On Prom Night