NYC mathcore/deathgrind maniacs Thin are following up last year's great split with Vixen Maw, Wallowing, and Slabdragger with another split, this time with The Wind in the Trees, a new-ish band featuring Dave Gill (ex-The Heads are Zeros and No Note). The split comes out digitally on March 11 via Twelve Gauge, with a vinyl street date set for June 17, and we're now premiering one song from each band: Thin's "I Don't Go On Walks Anymore" and The Wind In The Trees' "Eons from Mortality." Both are pulverizing, chaotic songs that fall somewhere under the grind umbrella but really don't fit in neatly anywhere. They both do a lot in a short running time, and they both rip.

Speaking about the split, Thin's Ashley Levine says:

When The Wind in The Trees dropped their A gift of bricks from the sky EP in early 2019, we knew this was a band we wanted to connect with, somehow, some way. Guitar player David Gill's reputation already preceded itself, from his work with the now defunct The Heads Are Zeros, a band that we also loved. The way TWITT honed raw, crusty mathcore in this new incarnation left us floored, with few other bands to compare them to. Asking them to release a split with us was a no-brainer, as was Twelve Gauge's decision to add TWITT to the label's roster. With COVID interrupting and altering all that we knew, our collaboration with TWITT has given us a chance to continue pushing ourselves creatively, while living with so much uncertainty.

And Dave Gill adds:

We met Thin in 2020 and were blown away because their set blended really intense technical playing with brief moments of traditional folk and ragtime music, which just isn’t a combination you experience at a metal show. It was almost subversive and it stuck with us for the rest of that tour. The pandemic shut down the entertainment industry soon after and we holed up in a warehouse to write a new record since we couldn’t play shows or travel. When Thin asked us to work on a split together it was like the planets aligned because we were able to collaborate on a release with kindred spirits and also find a home at Twelve Gauge. These pandemic years have really isolated bands from friends they're used to seeing on the road and working with Thin on this release brought us a little closer to that feeling of normalcy.

The Wind in the Trees are also prepping a new full-length for Twelve Gauge, so stay tuned for that and stream the two singles from this split below.

Thin and The Wind in the Trees are also touring together, starting on February 17 at NYC's Trans-Pecos:

1. Thin - I Don't Go On Walks Anymore
2. Thin - Feeding Your Best Friend His Last Meal
3. Thin - Swear to Dog
4. Thin - He Was a Friend of Mine
5. The Wind In The Trees - Eons from Mortality
6. The Wind In The Trees - Thoughts Entombed by Gravity


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