The Lees of Memory, the current band of Superdrag frontman John Davis and guitarist Brandon Fisher (with Nick Slack from post-Superdrag band Epic Ditch), revealed earlier this year that they have an upcoming double album, The Blinding White of Nothing At All. They have now set a release date (it comes out digitally to everyone on November 24; anyone who pre-ordered the LP or CD from PledgeMusic will receive that soon), and we're premiering the opening track, "Where The Sun Never Shines." As the "Blue As The Moon" demo hinted, The Lees are diving even more head-first into '60s-style psychedelia this time around, compared to the Superdrag-y power pop of 2016's Unnecessary Evil and their MBV-ish debut Sisyphus Says. John Davis tells us, "We tried to take full advantage of the wider canvas afforded by the 2LP format... so it veers off into all kinds of different vibes. It features Indian instrumentation more prominently than any of our previous LPs."

"Where The Sun Never Shines" is a dose of psychedelic country rock that falls somewhere between the Meat Puppets and the Grateful Dead, and brings in some sunshine pop harmonies in the chorus. It follows lead single "Keep A Tight Grip On Your Mind," which sorta sounds like Revolver aided by Roger McGuinn's 12-string. Both songs are very worth hearing, recommended for both longtime Superdrag fans and anyone who digs psych rock. Listen below.

The album was recorded by Mike Purcell & Weston Wellman at County Q in Nashville, and co-produced by Mike and John Davis. John co-wrote four of the songs with Brandon Fisher this time. "Personally I am very stoked on those," he says. John also adds that he's about halfway done writing material for a third solo LP, also called Blue As The Moon.

Where the Sun Never Shines
Rain, Rain
Blue As The Moon
Find Yourself Waking
Keep A Tight Grip On Your Mind
Bring It Home To Me
Hypothetical Shows
Open-Hearted Lover
It's Too Late To Change
I Know How To Do
Forever Changes Every Day
Last Thing I Wanted To Do
Mountaintop (I'm A Goner)
I'm For Real
Pictures of Ordinary Things
Four For Tea
Can't Hold It Back
It Stings
There Is Love Everywhere
(Out Here On) Everest
Hard To Breathe Easy
Stillness Is An Art
Precious Flower
All You Really Want Is Love

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