As mentioned, 2nd Grade is a new project from Peter Gill, who’s played in Friendship and Free Cake For Every Creature, and his band also features members of Remember Sports, and their 24-song debut album Hit To Hit comes out May 29 via Double Double Whammy (pre-order). We recently posted the double video for lead singles "Velodrome" and "My Bike," and now we're premiering the third single, "Dennis Hopper In Easy Rider."

"'Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider' is a rip-roaring earworm about clueless machismo set in the world of the road dog," says Peter. "Armed with a nuclear stockpile of ironic rock ‘n’ roll gestures and the relentlessly catchy logic of the ABC’s, we put forth a persuasive argument that ignorance really is bliss." It's a breezy, '90s-style indie rock song, and like the first two singles, fans of Built to Spill, Pavement, and other classic indie bands may wanna give this one a spin. Check it out below.

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