There's a whole lot of exciting stuff happening within the very niche cybergrind subgenre right now. We've posted about some of it, like Blind Equation and Thotcrime, but if you want a better look at the current cybergrind scene, check out the just-released compilation from the Big Money Cybergrind label. It features both Blind Equation and Thotcrime, as well as ZOMBIESHARK!, Rainbow Knife, The John Candy, SISSY XO, Infinite Hex, The Sound That Ends Creation, wecamewithbrokenteeth, DEADXPIGEON, Temenigru, The Sharks Megabyte, Doctor Kill and the Death Destroyers, Texas Ed, and more, and it includes song titles like "The Bay Harbor Butcher," "Keep Staring At Me Like That and I'll Fuck Your Dad," "Watch Where You're Pointing That Thing..... One of Us Could Light on Fire," "The First Rule of Chess Club," "An Electric Harp Cover of Achy Breaky Heart," etc.

The 41-song comp shows off how much musical diversity there is within cybergrind right now too, from artists that lean towards hyperpop to artists who are closer to straightup grindcore, from chiptune to death metal, from Nintendocore to hip hop, so on and so forth. It's obviously not for everyone, and there's some stuff on here that even extreme metal fans might find unlistenable, but there's plenty of genuinely great stuff. Check it out below.


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