Alongside Maximumrocknroll's 1987 comp Turn It Around!, Lookout! Records' 1988 comp The Thing That Ate Floyd is an essential document of the late '80s 924 Gilman scene, with tracks by Operation Ivy, The Mr. T Experience, Neurosis, Crimpshrine, The Lookouts, Bitch Fight, Kamala & the Karnivores, No Use For A Name, Cringer, Isocrasy, Sweet Baby, Stikky, Sewer Trout, Plaid Retina, Nuisance, Steelpole Bathtub, Capitol Punishment, and more. A few of these bands blew up in the '90s, others broke up and formed new bands who blew up in the '90s, and others just broke up, but no matter how big or small each individual band was, the impact of this scene and definitive comps like this one has continued to resonate throughout the last 30 years of punk history.

The 2xLP comp was repressed by Lookout! in 1992 and then given a CD reissue in 2002, but the vinyl has been out of print for a while, so it's good news that it's now getting a remastered vinyl reissue on May 7 via Lavasocks Records. There will be four variants available (orange, pink, blue, and yellow/clear splatter). You can pre-order physical copies from the Lavasocks webstore and digital copies from Bandcamp, and all profits will benefit 924 Gilman.

Alex Botkin from Lavasocks Records, who's also on the fundraising board for Gilman St, says, "I've been involved with 924 Gilman in many ways for the last decade or so. Performer, trash collector, booker, fundraising, and everything in between. For the past few years, my life has been pretty entangled with Lookout and the East Bay punk scene ever since booking the Lookouting shows in 2017. Without the ability to hold events for the last year, 924 Gilman has been reliant on donations and grants to make sure we can open once we're on the other side of this. The Thing That Ate Floyd represents the diversity and uniqueness of the early days of Lookout and Gilman, so what better way to celebrate both than reissuing it and having all the profits go to the club!"

The comp marked the only official release of Operation Ivy''s "Hangin' Out," which was recorded during the abandoned first sessions for Energy (and later bootlegged). Especially since the amount of Op Ivy material ever recorded is very limited, anything you can get your hands on by this band is worth it, and this song is on par with their proper studio material. A remastered stream of "Hangin' Out" premieres below.

In related news, Spitboy just announced a full discography reissue. Lookout! founder Larry Livermore also recently spoke to us about 12 shows that changed his life.

Stream the remastered Neurosis song from the comp too:

1. Straight Edge Song - Skin Flutes
2. Win Or Lose - East Bay Mud
3. Big Man - Corrupted Morals
4. Gloria - Neighbourhood Watch
5. Not One Of Mine - Tommy Rot
6. Cottleston Pie - Cringer
7. Bananas Smell Funny Sonata In G - Boo! Hiss! Pfftlb!
8. The Incredibly Blue Moustache Of Mr. Tinselteeth - Eyeball
9. Happy Now - Isocracy
10. 29° - Kamala & The Karnivores
11. On And On - Bitch Fight
12. Tied/Tried - Plaid Retina
13. Common Inconsistencies - Neurosis
14. We Must Do Something Now - Complete Disorder
15. Product Of Misdirection - Well Hung Monks
16. Broken Strings - Swollen Boss Toad
17. Life Sucks - Vomit Launch
18. Abandoned Beer Messiah - Relief Society
19. Boredom Zone - Mr. T Experience
20. Vagina Envy - Sewer Trout
21. No Way Back - The Vagrants
22. Andorra - Sweet Babys
23. Don't Lick My Leg - Stikky
24. What!?! - No Use For A Name
25. Extreme Racial Pride - Surrogate Brains
26. Outside - Lookouts
27. Jackknifed Rig - Capitol Punishment
28. Summertime - Crimpshrine
29. In My Past - Spent
30. Change - Raskul
31. Contraversy - Tribe Of Resistance
32. Day Of Sun - Nuisance
33. Hangin' Out - Operation Ivy
34. Bee Sting - Steelpole Bathtub


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