Chicago experimental post-punk/doom band Anatomy of Habit are finally ready to follow 2014's Relapse-released Ciphers + Axioms with a new album, Even If It Takes A Lifetime, this Friday (12/10). It features three songs, one of which is 14 minutes and one of which is 19 minutes, and it picks up right where Anatomy of Habit left off seven years ago, with Mark Solotroff's gothy, sinister baritone leading the way over lurching, doomy instrumentals. If you're unfamiliar with Anatomy of Habit, fans of Swans, Daughters, and Nick Cave should check this out. Mark says:

Once we were a supergroup, but now we’re a real band. Cream, Bad Company, The Lords of the New Church, Traveling Wilburys, Tin Machine, Hollywood Vampires… just to name a few. In 2014, when “Ciphers + Axioms” was released, Anatomy of Habit was referred to as such, and while we certainly had some legitimately notable band members, it was pretty weird to hear that term used with a very underground band, like us. And as with many other bands that carry the supergroup moniker, that version of our lineup wasn’t to last very long. Not that playing with those guys wasn’t a fantastic experience. But, what’s happened over the last several years is very different. Our band was slowly rebuilt and a very powerful chemistry resulted. We put in the work, week in and week out. Song-writing seemed to come more easily to us. Shows felt very tight (but loose). We took our time before we recorded demos. Then we finally recorded more than two albums worth of material, right before the pandemic hit. We had some cool offers to release this album, but it probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day until late 2022, so we discussed several options and we ultimately decided to handle things in a more self-sufficient manner. To me, the way Alex, Isidro, Sam, Skyler, and I have pulled together, grown, and evolved is evidence of a legitimate supergroup. I couldn’t be happier to be in a band with them and to finally release our new album. Yeah, let’s just stick with the term “band” this time around.

The album's not officially out for a couple days, but you can stream it in full right here:

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