Philly's ASkySoBlack released one of 2021's best punk EPs with their debut What Is Yet To Come?, and now they've just followed it with a second killer EP, Autumn In The Water, out today via New Morality Zine. On the first EP, ASkySoBlack sounded like they were channeling Hum by way of Hopesfall, and Autumn In The Water picks up where that one left off and continues to push the band in new directions. There's no screaming on this one, but you can still feel the band's post-hardcore/metalcore influences coming through in the heavy, chugged guitars that lie beneath all the shoegazy atmosphere. Hum still sounds like a core influence, and it sounds like some Deftones love is coming through a little more strongly on this one, but ASkySoBlack really bring something new to the heavy shoegaze table. Their yearning vocals feel closer to second wave emo than to hazy shoegaze, and in a genre where it's easy to focus more on style than substance, ASkySoBlack never fall into that trap. Listen to the whole thing below.


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