Atoms for Peace

As mentioned, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich of Atoms for Peace took to the internets today to do a Reddit interview, which you can see HERE. When asked if they knew their album leaked, they said "Oh did it? How nice," and when asked a followup question about how they feel about it, they said, "Well.. unsurprised?" Those responses themselves are pretty "unsurprising," considering this is Thom Yorke, whose other band Radiohead has been using album leaks to their advantages for over a decade. (Thom also did a BBC interview today, which is archived HERE.)

Plus, we now know Atoms for Peace were about to let us hear it anyway, because they've just made the entire new album, AMOK, available at their website, The stream comes along with a visualizer, and any site that links to AFP's site gets added to that visualizer (the site's currently down but will probably be back up later today). You can also listen to the album its entirety below...


Atoms For Peace - AMOK

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