This Friday (6/3), Austin trio Mothman will release their new album Cancer Withdrawal on Dark Trail Records, the label run by Christian Segerstrom of Mathcore Index. As you'd probably expect, Mothman fall right under the chaotic hardcore and mathcore umbrellas that Dark Trail and Mathcore Index tend to specialize in, and they're masters at this sound. Christian compares them to Ed Gein, Dead in the Dirt, and Nails, and I second that fans of those bands are definitely going to want to hear Cancer Withdrawal. For those wanting an early listen, you're in luck -- a full stream premieres in this post.

Speaking about the album, the band tells us, "Most of the lyrics on this record are being a musician in a far above average low-tier band in an underground genre. There are fits of rage, jealousy, hopelessness and eventually acceptance and joy. There are even a few curses levied towards so-called peers. We’ve tried our luck in numerous bands and haven’t been able to break out of being just another local band. We’ve played music together for over 15 years. Now that we’re older, keeping up these pursuits is even more taxing. However, nothing feels better than this forlorn vocation. The title, Cancer Withdrawal, is a direct reference to that feeling; hurting so bad for something that only returns negative results."

They add, "A lot of these songs and riffs are over five years old. Nate and Skiles wrote the songs and sent Andy guitar stems, playthrough and air drum videos to write drums to. After a couple months of practice, we started tracking in March 2020. Everything was recorded at Nate’s house and Skiles’ apartment and took about a year to finish."

The band also gives us these two trivia tidbits about the album: "1) There are only two 2 steps on the record, and you could debate that one of them isn’t a true 2 step. 2) There are two Steely Dan references. Not up for debate."

There you have it!! Listen below...


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