New-ish LA trio Bad Looks -- aka vocalist/guitarist Alessandro Pulisci (of At Our Heels), drummer Denny Connolly, and bassist/vocalist Lafayette Kartchner -- released their debut self-titled EP in 2018, and they're following it with EP II this Friday (11/15) (pre-order). EP II packs a lot into just four songs -- pummeling stoner sludge, flashy classic rock licks, mile-a-minute hardcore, soaring alt-rock hooks, and more -- and the whole thing makes for a very fun listen. Here's what the band tells us about it:

These are songs we wrote in 2019, about being alive in 2019. There is a widespread feeling of instability in this country, and I think most of the world - like it’s impossible to find your footing. Every week, sometimes every day, there is some new bullshit in the news that upends your sense of security. With stagnant wages and skyrocketing cost of living in major cities, we’re more disillusioned with work than we have been in decades, and the increasingly regular catastrophic weather events are just a looming reminder that even a good job isn’t going to mean shit in twenty years if we’re all getting two-minute tans when we step outside. Meanwhile, all of these feelings of insecurity about the state of the world and our fear of missing out on less-dark timelines have been exacerbated by Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat rewiring our fucking brains to be more insecure and have more of a fear of missing out, and that’s just when they’re not updating their algorithms to keep us more and more isolated in our own little thought and news bubbles. Add to that the rise of these bad faith actors, these trolls, that push their religious or political or socio-economic as if it were a sport; their only concern is that their agenda wins, not if it’s right or moral, or even if they actually believe in their own bullshit.

So we wrote this record about living in 2019, and it’s not a solution, but it’s been cathartic. And we hope that it’s cathartic for other people too. We might not be able to fix everything today, but at least we can dance.