As mentioned, Bear vs Shark vocalist Marc Paffi, drummer Brandon Moss, and guitarist John Gaviglio are turning their focus from the Bear vs Shark reunion back to their newer band Bars of Gold, who will release their first new album in six years, SHELTERS, on April 12 via Equal Vision (pre-order). We recently posted lead single "Sometimes" and we're now premiering another song from the album, "$20." Compared to the atmospheric "Sometimes," "$20" is jittery and more chaotic and a little closer to what these guys did in Bear vs Shark. It's another very promising taste of this album, and here's what the band tells us about it:

The title is jokingly about when James Brown (a big influence for us) would fine his musicians on stage for mistakes they’d make while playing. It’s our version of a James Brown / Fela Kuti song: “He’d fine our asses $20”. It’s the first song we wrote in our new practice space & we wrote it all separately (which is the opposite of how we normally write), & pieced it together from there.

Listen below.

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