Bay Area screamo band Hawak have released their debut album Nuoc, following a 2018 demo and the release of two of Nuoc's singles back in 2019. The album was recorded with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Gouge Away, Oathbreaker, etc), and as you'd probably expect from a record done with Jack, it's got a big, clear sound but never at the expense of aggression. The album's got parts that recall harsh '90s screamo, as well as parts that recall the more experimental screamo of bands like City of Caterpillar and Circle Takes the Square. It's got soaring post-rocky parts, Midwest emo noodling, black metal fury, and more. There's a whole lot going on here, and you've been into the recent wave of great new screamo records, you should not miss this one.

The album's out now on Dog Knights imprint Left Hand Label and Zegema Beach. Stream it below.

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