The reliably great hardcore label Triple B Records has released the America's Hardcore Volume 5 compilation, featuring 39 songs, many of which are new, including from Anxious (whose anticipated debut album is on the way), Lifetime/Paint It Black-related band Open City (who also just confirmed their sophomore album is "nearing completion"), Sunami (whose debut LP is expected this year), Restraining Order, Regional Justice Center, Citizen, Terror, Rule Them All, Life's Question, Magnitude, Division of Mind, Firewalker, Never Ending Game, Be All End All, Dead Heat, Combust, Eyes of the Lord, The Fight, Wound Man, Worn, Fuming Mouth, and many more.

There's a lot of different stuff on the comp, from catchy melodic hardcore to brutal, death metal-infused stuff, and if you're into hardcore in any capacity, you should not miss this. Stream it below and pick up a vinyl copy from Triple B's store.

Vinyl Tracklist
Side A:
Ammunation - Truth & Facts
Never Ending Game - Dreamin Red...
Inclination - Fruition
Firewalker - Forever
Dead Last - Pawn in the Game
Regional Justice Center - Life's Work
Profile - Set the Tone
BIB - The Healing Room
Division of Mind - 8: 7
Fuming Mouth - They Take What They Please

Side B:
Be All End All - Kiss It Goodbye
Be All End All - Supremacy
Magnitude - Light At The End
Result of Choice - Greenwashed
Final Gasp - Botched Ritual
Dead Heat - The Hard Reset
Memory Screen - Days of Heaven
Rule Them All - C.O.
Pummel - The One
Terror - Pain is Forever

Side C:
Life's Question - World Keeps Turning
Maniac - Forward Onto Annihilation
Combust - Pull the Hammer
Anxious - The Long Spring
Eyes of the Lord - Kind or Cruel
CA Coyotes - Assembly Line
Vantage Point - Swear
The Fight - We Will Never Learn
Open City - Wolf
Wound Man - Pull

Side D:
Worn - Systematic Seed
Mindforce - Reign of Terror
No Right - Exempt
Almighty Watching - The Absolute
No Pressure - Bed of Nails
Restraining Order - Keep on Runnin'
Sunami - I Don't Care
The Answer - Since Birth
Citizen - Let Me Out

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