Boston ska-punk vets Big D and the Kids Table (whose 1999 debut album Good Luck we just included on our list of all-time essential ska albums) haven't released an album of new original music in eight years, but they have been busy. Members worked on music with related bands The Doped Up Dollies and CUIDADO, and Big D put out a covers album in 2019. Now, though, they're finally ready for a new original album, DO YOUR ART, which arrives October 22 via SideOneDummy (pre-order).

"I wanted to instill in young artists—or old artists, or whoever—to keep doing it," band leader David McWane said of the album title. "Meaning even though life might pull you away with its demands, and life’s tough and there’s no middle class anymore and it’s just work, work, work, work, work, don’t give up. It’s a hard fact to hear but it’s true that fortunate Americans with connected parents or relatives are going to get all the things first. They’re going to be in a famous band first, they’re going to be a famous artist first, but I don’t want artists who aren’t connected to ever feel like they weren’t good enough. Every musician, artist and dancer needs to realize that that’s magic inside of them that other people don’t have."

The band recently put out lead single "Too Much," and we're now premiering second single "New Day."

"The best thing one can experience in life is to fall in love, so the next time your close friend gets dumped and is feeling low down, remind them that the person who dumped them just gave them the best gift one can give...and that gift is to be able to fall in love again," David tells us of the new song. "It will be a whole new day." The uplifting message is matched by warm, upbeat music that feels like classic Big D but sounds fresh next to the new generation of ska bands too. Listen to "New Day" and watch the video for "Too Much" below.

Also below, check out the album artwork and tracklist (featuring three songs with The Doped Up Dollies and one with their old Tokyo-based pals Melt-Banana).

Big D and the Kids Table

Dead Bottle
Too Much
How About a Pizza?
Metal in the Microwave
Med Her Lazy
New Day
You Buggin' (feat. Melt-Banana)
Teenagers from Outer Space
Lost In London
Beautiful Way (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
Strong & Fair (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
Tripping Over Shoelaces
Baby Ruth, Zagnut, Zero, Chicken Dinner, Bit-o-Honey, Snickers, Milky Way
Militant Humorist
Forever a Freak (feat. The Doped Up Dollies)
Race Car Song
Danny and Nannie

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