Philly's Big Nothing may be a new band, but their members all hail from the emo/pop punk underground that's been bubbling up for nearly a decade now. Pat Graham also sings and plays guitar in Spraynard, Matt Quinn was in Crybaby with Ed from Beach Slang, Liz Parsons was in Casual, and drummer Chris Jordan was in Gainesville's Young Livers. All of them sing in Big Nothing, and if you're a fan of any of their other bands, you're probably gonna like this one. Especially similar to Spraynard, Big Nothing sound like a love letter to late '90s pop punk and emo. If you dig Lifetime, The Get Up Kids, and Saves the Day, and you want something that pretty much sounds exactly like that, Big Nothing is for you. Their self-titled EP comes out this Friday (7/28) on Asian Man, and a full stream premieres below:

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