Before UK jazz drummer/composer Moses Boyd embarked on the solo career that led to his great 2018 album Displaced Diaspora and 2020's Dark Matter (one of our favorite albums of last year), he was one half of Binker and Moses with tenor saxophonist Binker Golding. When the duo released their latest studio album, 2017's Journey to the Mountain of Forever, they celebrated with a release show at London's iconic Total Refreshment Centre, and that show has since become the live album Escape The Flames. Escape The Flames got a vinyl release on Gearbox Records in December, but the digital release isn't until January 29 and we're now premiering a digital stream of the full album.

Escape The Flames is made up of all six songs on the first "The Realm of Now" half of the two-part Journey to the Mountain of Forever, but even if you know these songs from the studio album, you haven't heard them like this. They nearly double almost every song in length, and they bring opener "The Departure" from seven minutes to over seventeen minutes, with all kinds of improvised twists and turns. You can feel Binker and Moses feeding off each other and all the natural chemistry that they have, and when you hear audience members shout during one of Moses' fiery drum solos, it's hard not to share their excitement.

Listen to the whole thing for yourself below...


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