Tim Singer is a busy guy. Not only are Deaguy releasing a documentary and discussing reunion plans, not only did No Escape release their first new song in 27 years, and not only did he recently put out music by his new band Process Black, now he released new music by another new band, Bitter Branches.

Bitter Branches also includes members of Calvary, Go For The Throat, Walleye, and more, and you know you're getting something good when a band's lineup has a hardcore pedigree like that. And their debut EP This May Hurt A Bit is indeed good, but it's also a little different than you might expect. It owes more to Touch & Go/AmRep-style post-hardcore than to the type of music these guys were making in the '90s, and they pull off this kinda thing very well too. Stream the EP below.

In related news, the late NJ punk scene fixture Tim Morris' old '90s live footage is in the process of being digitized and released online, and videos he shot of Deadguy and Tim's post-Deadguy band Kiss It Goodbye recently surfaced. Watch those and others here.