Back before Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice had even released their much-loved full-length albums, Morris Kolontyrsky (Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice), Gravetorn (Spectral Voice), Antinom (Khemmis), and Jonathan Campos (Primitive Man) had another band together called Maliblis. They released a very promising demo in 2017 and then kinda disappeared (and obviously were very busy with other bands), but then, earlier this month, that same lineup quietly released a debut full-length album as Black Curse called Endless Wound. Like Spectral Voice, Black Curse is fronted by Gravetorn, the only SV member not in Blood Incantation.

Endless Wound first came out physically and on on Bandcamp, but now it’s on streaming services too. Our metal sister site Invisible Oranges recently called it “the perfect mixture of black and death metal” and we agree. This LP is a real ripper and if you haven’t heard it yet, we recommend checking it out.