Infant Island-related Richmond chaotic hardcore band Black Matter Device are releasing their new album Autonomous Weapons tomorrow (4/22) via Dark Trail Records (pre-order), and ahead of its release, we're premiering a full stream of the LP. Previously, we called lead single "Sewer Slide Pact" one of the best punk songs of February, and here's what we said then:

In just about two minutes, their new song "Sewer Slide Pact" touches on sassy, discordant hardcore, bludgeoning '90s-style metalcore, spoken word-tinged post-hardcore, and blasty grindcore. It's a lot, especially for such a short running time, but it somehow never bites off more than it can chew. BMD will combine it with 13 more new tracks on their upcoming album Autonomous Weapons, and if the rest of the LP is gonna be this crazy, start preparing yourself now.

The rest of the LP is indeed that crazy. It's A LOT to take in; dizzying, disorienting, discordant, and the best headache you've ever had. Listen below.

Speaking about the new album, the band says, "Recorded on and off across the past twp years, we’ve always done things entirely by ourselves and this album is no different. Recording drums in a bedroom, guitars in a living room, and vocals in the hottest attic imaginable, the six of us are very excited for everyone to finally hear Autonomous Weapons. Hope the heat exhaustion was worth it!"

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