Last year, West Coast rapper Blu released his third album with frequent collaborator Exile, the 20-song double album Miles. Blu is usually at his best with Exile on the beat, but today he just dropped a new EP entirely produced by one of Exile's protégés, Sirplus, and he's captured lightning in a bottle on this one too. "Sirplus is my guy," said Blu. "He is the newest member of the Dirty Science crew, and I could tell he had talent and skill. I knew I had to work with him."

Sirplus' production is soulful and kinetic and maximalist, and Blu sounds fired-up over every single beat Sirplus gives him. It's a quick EP, and it very much leaves you wanting more. Guest appearances come from Nolan The Ninja, Johaz of Dag Savage, Scienze, Noveliss, PCH, ADaD, Sidewaalk Kal, Cashus King, and Eloh Kush. Listen below.


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