Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions released his debut single for Def Jam, the powerful anti-police brutality anthem "Like Me," this past April, and today he returned with the RVLTN - Chapter 1: The Divided States of AmeriKKKa EP, featuring "Like Me" and eight other songs. It's his first project since 2017's grateful., and the whole EP follows in the political, racism-battling footsteps of "Like Me." The EP proves that Bobby's got a lot more where "Like Me" came from, with incisive, uncompromising lyricism and much darker production than the funk and jazz-inspired grateful. had. As teased, it also features one of the best political rappers around, Killer Mike, on "Black Neighborhood." Killer Mike sounds as biting and powerful as ever, and Bobby Sessions still manages to hold his own next to him, which is really saying something. There's a lot of good hip hop out today, and Bobby's EPs ranks among the best of it. Listen and watch the videos for "Like Me" and "Pick A Side" below. In Bobby's own words:

My RVLTN EP series is about taking the politically incorrect conversations from the barbershop and expressing them through music. The Divided States Of AmeriKKKa highlights the root of race issues in this country. It addresses white suprem­acy, systematic oppression, as well as introspective realizations about the responsibility of becoming a leader. RVLTN will continue to unfold and evolve throughout upcoming chapters in my quest for viable solutions, black empowerment, and justice. This only the beginning.

These days black lives have simply been reduced to hashtags. There's often no time to grieve for our victims because another one of us gets killed shortly thereafter... but the pain of these tragedies is much deeper when it happens to your own family. I have been active­ly speaking out against the killing of unarmed black people by law enforcement ever since my cousin's death ... and I will continue to use my platform to speak out against a problem that negatively affects people all across the world that look like me.

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