Boduf Songs (aka Mat Sweet) is releasing his seventh album, Abyss Versions, on October 4 via Owen Ashworth's Orindal Records (his first for the label). We recently posted lead single "Gimme Vortex," and we're now premiering another song from the album, "Unseen Forces and How to Use Them." Like "Gimme Vortex," it's an atmospheric, slowcore-ish song, but even more so than the previous single, it's got creepy melodies that are more similar to certain metal bands or horror film scores than you might expect when you hear the term "slowcore." It also makes use of what is apparently a very old drum machine. Check it out below.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album.

1. Gimme Vortex
2. Unseen Forces and How to Use Them
3. You are Always on the Edge of a Precipice
4. Behold, I Have Graven Thee Upon the Palms of My Hands; Thy Walls are Continually Before Me
5. Black Nails
6. Sword Weather
7. In the Glittering Vault, in the Flowery Hiatus
8. Highlights of Void